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26 Reasons for Regular Visits to the Dentist

26 REASONS  WHY You Should Have Your Teeth Cleaned and Checked Regularly

Where did the practice of seeing your dentist twice a year come from?
Well…it came from a commercial by Pepsodent Toothpaste!

So the routine of seeing your dentist/hygienist 2 X year came from an advertising agency.

The jingle went like this.

“Brush your teeth twice a day and see your dentist twice a year!”

In reality, twice a year may be fine for some, even once a year maybe fine for some and 3-4 months may be ok for others.

It all depends on the care you give your teeth at home, the current health of your teeth, your general health,  the professional help that you get, and yes, it does depend on genetics…some people are blessed with healthy mouths and others have to work harder at keeping their teeth and gums healthy. However, both of these groups can have the same healthy mouths…it just depends on care, both at home and in the dentists office.

Bad Breath can be caused by many different oral problems.

Tarter or calculus formation on the teeth and under the gums., not flossing, decayed teeth, sloughed off tissue on the top of your tongue, food lodged in and around your tonsils, sinus infections, dry mouth, foods, tobacco products. Therefore, persons concerned about bad breath should come in more often to get there teeth and gums cleaned.

The patient should also be very up front with the hygienist about the bad breath. Just say” I am concerned about my breath…does it smell bad?” If it does, we can look for the cause.

Colds and Pneumonia

Did you know that the leading cause of pneumonia in nursing homes are decayed teeth and gum infections? How can that be? Well, what causes decayed teeth…BACTERIA!  What causes bronchitis or pneumonia and even colds…BACTERIA!  Where does the air pass over to get to the lungs…? Teeth….Daaa!

Patients with Partial dentures

Patients with partial dentures can be more assured that the teeth they have left are in good health if they have more frequent check ups. This is especially true if you only have lower teeth and a partial denture. For instance, if you lost those few lower teeth it could cost you $10,000 or more to have implants. An extra cleaning a year is like an extra oil change on an old car.


Persons who use asthma inhalers and other asthma drugs have more cavities because the drugs dry out the mouth meaning there is less saliva. Saliva has antibodies in it that kill bacteria, so, less saliva more cavity forming bacteria and more decay.

Sinus infections

Did you know that the roots of the upper back teeth frequently sit up into the sinus cavity! Gum infections and abscessed teeth can be a cause of sinus infections.


Stress can play havoc in your mouth; Clenching or grinding your teeth can cause anything from cracked teeth and gum disease to severe headaches and or neck pain, canker sores & dry mouth. (For more on headaches and neck pain go to www.richmondheadacheclinic.com)

Heavy Stains

Heavy Stains can be caused by Tobacco use, drinking coffee, tea and colas. Aging also contributes to the yellowing of teeth. Stain from diet can be polished off if the stain is removed by a hygienist every 3-4 months. Stain left on the teeth and and not removed can become permanent!

Xerostomia (dry mouth)

Xerostomia is defined as dry mouth resulting from reduced or absent saliva flow. The most common disease causing Xerostomia is Sjorgen’s, Syndrome. Cancer Therapy and radiation treatments and many drugs cause Xerostomia also. People with  dry mouth are more susceptible to dental caries and should avoid sugary or acidic foods or beverages and should have their teeth cleaned every 3-4 months!

Cancer Treatment

People undergoing chemotherapy often have dry mouth from the medication or radiation. The cancer may have even spread to the mouth. A thorough oral evaluation by a dentist and hygienist before cancer treatment begins is important to the success of the regimen.

Haphazard Brushing and Flossing

OK, so you do not brush and floss like you should.
We both should admit that all of the talking we can do is not going to change any of your habits…To minimize the damage…come in more frequently so we can hopefully catch problems when they are little.

Full mouth reconstruction 

If you have had a lot of work done in the past; it makes sense to have everything cleaned and checked more then twice a year. Kind of like a high mileage car which has had significant repairs done, you should have your oil, brakes and other parts checked more frequently.
Bulimics usually have loss of enamel and dentin on the upper, front inside surfaces of their teeth. The reason for the loss of enamel and dentin is the acid they regurgitate from the stomach.


Acid reflux or when you have a problem with bringing acid up into your mouth from your stomach this can have terrible effects on your teeth. The contents of your stomach have very very low PH levels (more acid) These can actually destroy a healthy mouth very quickly…ask me it actually happened to me…6 weeks from a healthy mouth to extreme decay. So, if you take acid reducers because of reflux you should be on a more frequent recall. Especially if you periodically get reflux in spite of the medication.

Proper Dental Care for Children

Children with poor home dental care will greatly benefit from having their teeth cleaned more often. Three month visits will ensure that the plaque is removed more often.  Plaque left on the gums for extended periods of time causes cavities and bad breath as well.

Periodontal Patients

Patients with gum disease and pockets between the gum and the teeth should definitely be seen more then 2 times a year. Many times we can stabilize a patient that has deep pockets and avoid surgery.

Atherosclerosis and Heart Disease

Gum Disease (periodontal disease with deep pockets) is a major factor in heart disease.

Apparently the bacteria associated with gum disease build up on plaque in the artery and also cause an inflammation of the artery’s walls which further narrows the passage that the blood flows through. This narrow passage is then more susceptible to blood clots because of the reduced blood flow.

Stroke, This same explanation for heart disease is true for stroke.

Premature births

A woman who has gum disease during pregnancy may be more likely to deliver her baby too early. The infant may be more likely to be of low birth weight.
In reality twice a year may be fine for some, even once a year maybe fine for some and 3-4 months may be ok for others. It all depends on the care you give your teeth at home, the current health of your teeth,  your general health,  the professional help that you get, and yes, it does depend on genetics…some people are blessed with healthy mouths and others have to work harder at keeping their teeth and gums healthy. However, both of these groups can have the same healthy mouths…it just depends on care, both at home and in the dentists office.


Arthritis can Limit use of your hands and can make it difficult to brush and floss. You can still clean your teeth by using an electric toothbrush and a water pic and come in 3 time a year instead of 2. What does this cost? Some where between $88-$138 dollars depending on X Rays. If this prevents a problem, it is well worth trying not to get a root canal and a crown (around $1,500)


Aging, poor eye sight and less dexterity, the older we get the less nimble we are. One the first things to show up are plaque left on the teeth after brushing. Along with more frequent cleanings might be using an electric tooth brush and water pik.

Smokeless Tobacco

Smokeless Tobacco will cause cancer and it contains abrasive material which will wear done teeth. It also has quite a bit of sugar.. The chemicals in the tobacco cause gum disease and It also causes heart disease. Nicotine constricts blood vessels and as we learned earlier, the bacteria from gum disease clog the arteries in the heart and cause inflammation which causes the artery to swell, which further constricts the artery. When we take the two together they both (Tobacco and gum disease) play a significant role in causing heart disease.


Cigarettes cause heart problems like smokeless tobacco but if the stain from the cigarettes is left on the teeth the stain become permanent. So more frequent cleanings will help with the stain….but not the lung or oral cancer that the tar in the cigarettes will cause

Transplant Patients    

Immunosuppressed patients who have had transplants need to be seen frequently. Many of the medications that they take can cause gum disease and dry mouth which lead to many dental problems. More frequent hygiene appointments can help find these problems caused by this medication and hopefully catch the problems when they are small.

Small Problem VS Big Problem

Small Problem versus big problem!  In dentistry there is a big difference in a small problem versus a big problem. The difference between solving a problem with a $100 filling and a $1,500 root canal and crown may be less then 1mm or an 1/16 or an inch of decay near the nerve of a tooth So, if we can find the problem when it is little then the cost in time, money and pain can be kept to a minimum.  Thus the cost of an extra check up and cleaning seems pretty little if we can find the problem and fix it for $60 rather than wait a little bit and have to spend $1,500 to accomplish the same thing.

While the Pepsodent commercial may have set a precedent for many of us, the frequency of check ups is really different depending on the condition of your teeth and your general health and habits. Some of us need to be seen 2 times a year, a few of us need to be seen 3 or 4 times a year and others only 1 time a year. We will suggest how many times you need to be seen and work with your insurance company in getting them to adjust their rules to fit the patient’s needs.

Thanks for your confidence and we hope to have you back in the office soon.

Marshall J. Ney DMD and Staff
Maria Montoya, Linda Dooly, Tasha Moore, Junie Alexander, April Ward, Denise Curd.

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