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Marshall James Nev, PLC | Cosmetic Dentistry FAQ in Richmond

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Cosmetic Dentistry FAQ

Cosmetic Dentistry – The Patient’s Choice

We are very concerned about the way your teeth look. However, we do not want to push our concerns as your concerns. In other words, we may mention the cosmetic services we offer, but we will never push these procedures other then mentioning “are you happy the way your teeth look?

If you are happy, we will note that in your chart and wait for you to bring it up if you change your mind, if you are we will show you what we can do to improve your smile.

Available Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures

We offer the following procedures to improve your smile.

Tooth Whitening

Teeth whitening (Bleaching) We have been offering this service for over 20 years. We have offered in house bleaching with “ZOOM “and we have all of the ZOOM equipment, but quite frankly, we do not believe that the ZOOM bleaching  is worth the money you spend because you are in the chair so long.
What we do offer is trays in which the strongest bleach available is placed Inside the trays and you bleach at home. This way of bleaching is the most efficient method both in time, money and results.

Tooth Colored Fillings

Tooth Colored Fillings are used when the filling will show when you smile or talk.
We also use this type of filling to restore teeth if we are going to crown a tooth or if there is a very large filling in the back teeth.

Note, however that in the back of the mouth, composite (tooth colored fillings) have about 1/4th the longevity as silver fillings. In some cases,however, the filling is just too big for a silver filling to be placed.

Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain Veneers are very thin tooth colored shells of porcelain that only cover the front sides of teeth. When appropriate, they are a very good alternative to crowns because the preparation of the tooth is more conservative (takes away less tooth) then a crown.

Porcelain veneers have limitations in that they should not be placed over large fillings as when the filling fails, so does the veneer. The same is true if you try to close a large space between teeth. They also not be used in cases where the bite is off, or the patient grinds his teeth at night. In these cases a full coverage (completely covering the tooth) crown is indicated.


Crowns are indicated when the tooth needs to be covered up completely.  Crowns can be made of solid porcelain, porcelain over gold or complete gold crowns. If you need a crown, we will counsel you through the various options you have, including a large filling or extraction and what options you have to replace the tooth.

Fixed Bridges

Fixed bridges are a series of crowns that look like individual teeth but are really just one piece. They are indicated when you are missing a tooth and want to fill in the gap. A fixed bridge requires the preparation for an abutment tooth on both sides of the space that needs to be filled in.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are placed in the bone.  Then a single crown is is placed on top of a post that is screwed into the implant.  Fixed bridges where one or more missing are missing can also be built, but this requires two or more implants. Dentures can also be affixed to implants, this is especially helpful if you have no ridge for a lower denture.


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