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How Often Should I Brush or Floss

Brushing and Flossing are among the best tools to prevent tooth decay

Brushing and flossing remove the plaque (bacteria food and saliva) from the teeth and out from under the gums.

The formation of plaque is a continuous process, and your brushing  and flossing should be also..

If plaque is not removed, in many people turn into calculus or tartar, which then has to be removed during a hygiene appointment. Some people will form calculus no matter what they do. When this occurs it may be necessary to have your teeth cleaned every 3-4 months instead of 2X per year.

How to Brush: Place the tip of the brush at a 45 degree angle to the gums and go in a circular motion so you are sweeping the bacteria out from the gums. Do the same on the backs and fronts and biting surfaces of the teeth.

Electric tooth brushes -  These are really great. Remember to let the brush  stay on each tooth for a couple of seconds.

Water Piks  -  “Hallelujah “ If you want to prevent or control gum disease, then by all means buy this product. The water pik does not eliminate brushing and flossing, but because of its pulsating stream of water, it massages the gums and rinses the debris away… You cannot believe how many little jewels of food you will rinse out.

Flossing – This is the only way you can clean the contact (where the floss pops through the contact between the teeth) We could try to explain how to floss but here a picture is worth a thousand and one words…

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