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Marshall James Nev, PLC | New Patient Exam in Richmond

Marshall James Ney, DMD, FAAOP

527 W. Main St
Richmond, KY 40475
(859) 623-3761

New Patient Exam

The new patient exam is the initial examination where we check for the following:

  • Gingivitis – you may call it pyorrhea
  • Caries  -  you may call it cavities or decay.
  • Bad Breath, (Click here for more information on Bad Breath — its causes and treatment)
  • Any sores,  lumps and bumps (could be anything from swollen lymph nodes which may indicate an infection to cancer)
  • Full mouth series of x rays  to check for decay and bone loss around the teeth
  • Observations about your palate , tongue, tonsils, back of  your throat ( looking for structures that may contribute to sleep apnea
  • Bite: The way your teeth come together with your jaw joints in their socket. The bite can contribute to many different problems
  • Excessive wear on your teeth
  • Headaches and or neck and shoulder pain
  • Excessive bone loss around your teeth.
  • The bite plays a very important roll if you have large fillings. With a bad bite, you can crack teeth with large fillings.  You can even cause teeth to crack or chip without fillings.
Richmond Dentist | New Patient Exam. Marshall James Ney is a Richmond Dentist.