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Tooth Fillings – Composite VS Silver

Understanding Dental Fillings

Dental fillings which are white are called composite fillings. Composite fillings are always used whenever a tooth will show when you speak or smile.

Besides their use in front teeth, they can be used in the back teeth when a decayed or fractured tooth cannot be restored with a silver filling.

Question?   When do you use silver fillings and when do you use white or composite fillings?

If we eliminate the front fillings  — which are always white — and confine our discussion to back teeth, then we can offer some comparisons

Silver Fillings


  • Are less sensitive to hot and cold than white fillings.
  • If the silver filling is not too large it will last 2-3 times longer than white fillings


  • Large silver fillings do not hold as well as large white fillings
  • They are not as cosmetic.

Composite or White fillings


  • Can be used under crowns to build up teeth before the crown is made.
  • In a tooth which is badly decayed or fractured the white or composite filling will hold better.
  • They bond well so that a white filling can be used as a “patch” and you do not have to take out the entire filling if part of the existing filling fractures.
  • They are more cosmetic.


  • In the back of the mouth they can be more sensitive to hot or cold.
  • They may not last as long but this can be a result of how large they are.
  • Sometimes we use the large composite filling when a patient cannot afford a crown.


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