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Tooth Restorations and Root Canals

Restorations: Root Canals Therapy

Root Canal Therapy is needed when the Pulp (nerve and other tissue) becomes too sensitive to bite on or is extremely sensitive to cold or hot. If the tooth is too sensitive to cold we may suggest a medicated filling. The goal of the medicated filling is to try to prevent a root canal.

If the tooth does not respond to the medicated filling or it is sensitive to everything or hurts to bite down on, then we should begin either a root canal or extraction.

Root canal therapy is highly successful treatment, with the front teeth being more predictable then the back teeth. However in 99% of the cases, the root canal is a successful procedure.

Signs and symptoms for root canal treatment

  • Pimple on the gum by the tooth
  • Extreme sensitivity to hot water
  • Sensitivity to cold that lingers after the water has been swallowed
  • Sensitivity to pressure of biting or tapping on the tooth with the handle of a kitchen knife  or butter knife.
  • Swelling
  • Sometimes there are no symptoms, and the abscess is picked up on X-ray.

Reasons for Doing a Root Canal

  • Decay has reached the pulp causing extreme sensitivity
  • Pulp tissue has died allowing an infection
  • Injury to the tooth has caused it to die. Note – injury could mean repeated fillings or large cavity.

What is involved in the root canal procedure?

 root_canals_1.jpg root_canals_2.jpg root_canals_3.jpg root_canals_4.jpg

 After the root canal is done, a crown must be placed on the tooth to keep it from breaking.  The further back in the mouth the stronger the bite is, so back teeth break more easily then front teeth.

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