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What Dental X-rays Tell About Your Teeth

Dental X-rays are one of the most effective tools a dentist has.


What Dental X-Rays tell us about teeth.

1. Abscess or cysts


2. Bone loss around teeth ( Gum Disease)


The bone loss above is shown by the dark area in between the teeth.

3. Cancerous or non cancerous bone


4.Decay between teeth


X-rays showing normal


X-ray showing decay

5.Other problems x rays show are:

A) extra teeth position of third molars

B) problems inside the the pulp chamber of the teeth.

Are dental x rays safe?

We are all exposed to radiation in our environment. Some radiation comes from the sun, other radiation comes from TVs, computers, cell phones and even the ground.

A full mouth series of dental x-rays is about the same amount you would receive in a normal day of exposure from natural and man made sources.

How often should Xrays be taken?

The need for x-rays is dependent up on each individual and each situation as they present for each problem.

We usually take x-rays once a year to look in between your teeth.

However some people that have had no cavities in between their teeth may need them only every 2-3 years.

Other x-rays are taken if you come in for a specific problem, like a toothache.


X-rays are only one part of a diagnosis.

It is also important to query the patient as to what the tooth feels like, sensitivity to biting, hot and cold sensitivity and other historical facts that a patient’s history reveals.


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